T-170 HydroSeeder® - 1,500 Gallon Working Capacity Tank

The FINN T170 brings a robust 1,500 gallon working tank capacity to tackle a wide array of projects with this economical, highly productive machine. The T170 is a state-of-the-art HydroSeeder® offering the best value for your investment. The efficiency of operation, high production capabilities and low maintenance requirements make the T170 perfect for all mid-size to large work sites.

The larger straight line discharge piping improves slurry flow. The result is higher output, pressure, and greater slurry discharge distance. Slurry mixing is more thorough because of the tank profile, larger agitator and a more powerful, variable speed, reversible hydraulic agitator drive. The loading hatch opening is increased in size for easier loading, and includes bag cutters with grates. A 6" air gap fillport at truck frame height is standard equipment.

The discharge boom is now located at the rear corner for easier operator control of the slurry application. The deck tower includes the key start switch, engine safety gauges, and the thr ottle and agitator controls. The fuel tank has increased capacity and is side located for easier filling. Efficiency of operation, high production capacity and low maintenance requirements make the T-170 HydroSeeder® the ideal unit for all mid-range contractors.


  • 1,500 gallon working capacity tank
  • Larger straight line discharge piping improves slurry flow resulting in higher output, pressure and greater slurry discharge distance
  • Optimum mixing capabilities featuring hydraulically controlled paddle agitation and liquid recirculation
  • Features the time-tested and field proven “clump” technology integrating a single shaft design of the clutch/pump to maximize mechanical efficiency
  • Agitator and pump are independently driven allowing complete mixing of the slurry without pump operation enhancing mechanical longevity and flexibility during operation
  • Relocated discharge boom to a more centralized location increasing operator comfort and rear sweeping pattern
  • Centralized control panel integrates into the discharge boom mount with a new 5-gauge cluster as well as engine start/stop; throttle switch; and safety horn
  • Newly designed loading hatch with a larger opening and rotated lid enables more efficient loading, and includes a stainless steel bag cutter
  • Operator platform and access ladder are perfect for improved comfort and accessibility
  • Relocated fill port for sump filling and a heavy-duty suction line gate valve
  • Discharge distance up to 200 feet from end of the tower

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