Finn T-75 HydroSeeder® - 700 Gallon Working Capacity Tank

The FINN T75 is the 700 gallon working capacity HydroSeeder® that's a great option for the landscaper or contractor who needs high powered performance and productivity. The T75 HydroSeeder is a powerful performer packaged between the small tank sizes and larger trailer-mounted models, weighing in as a trailer unit with a fully loaded weight of less than 10,000 GVW, satisfying the ideal towing requirements of a ¾ ton or a 1 ton truck without a commercial license.

The T75 HydroSeeder is packaged in a trailer unit with a fully loaded weight of just under 10,000 GVW. You'll enjoy top performance and a clean, operator-friendly design. The T75 provides a one-man, one-step process for seeding, fertilizing, and mulching. With its 820 gallon capacity steel tank, cover 8,700-10,500 square feet per load with spray distances up to 150 feet from the discharge gun.

Features include a hydraulically-controlled paddle agitator and liquid recirculation; agitator controls at each end of the tank for operator convenience; a large toolbox in the hitch for storing hoses and nozzles; and, a Finn-designed centrifugal pump driven by an in-line common shaft clutch that eliminates high maintenance belts and coupling. The rugged, reliable mechanics of the T75 provide long life and easy maintenance. And its low profile allows for easy material loading and excellent stability.


  • 700 gallon working capacity tank covering 8,700-10,500 square feet per load
  • Clean, operator friendly design for the one-man, one-step process to seeding, fertilizing, and mulching
  • Optimum mixing capabilities featuring hydraulically controlled paddle agitation and liquid recirculation with convenient operator controls at both the front and rear of the unit
  • Large toolbox in the hitch perfect for storing hose and nozzles
  • FINN designed centrifugal pump driven by an in-line common shaft clutch with no high-cost maintenance couplings, drive belts or hydraulic components
  • Pump configuration dramatically increases output and operating pressure
  • Discharge distance up to 150 feet from end of the tower

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